Fudge Care, storing & life

Fudge will last a very long time if stored properly!

Effective 7/17/2007 our fudge is made with Potassium Sorbate. Potassium Sorbate is a mold and yeast inhibitor. See this link if you wish a more technical explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_sorbate. we add potassium sorbate to your fudge to help it last longer in a sealed container, or wrapped in plastic. Upon request, for full batches of fudge, we can remove the potassium sorbate for you.

The best, and our recommended storage method, is in the original container, wrapped lightly in waxed paper or the original plastic fudge wrapper. We suggest that you NOT wrap the fudge too tightly, and allow a bit of air to get to it.? Since we now use Potassium Sorbate, the fudge will be OK if wrapped with the plastic wrap, but do not store it this way for more than four to six weeks.? It is still best to wrap it loosely, just to keep it from drying out as fast around the edges.

If stored properly, fudge has a shelf life of about four to six weeks. It may get dry or hard around the outside edges, but you can simply cut off the outside edges and throw them away, and eat the inside. You may even keep the outsides, put them in a small microwavable container, and reheat them slightly, with a few drops of water, until it just melts, stir it up and let it cool again. The fudge will be almost as good as new! We've actually done this and eaten samples and containers of fudge that we've used for photos, after it sat for nearly TWO months, and it's STILL great!

If your fudge comes in a tin or plastic container, keep the pieces separated with either the original wrapper or waxed paper. It should be fine in these containers for one to two weeks, possibly more, depending upon how airtight it is.

You may also freeze fudge for months! Cut it into small pieces, and wrap them separately with waxed paper, or the original wrapper, and then in tin foil. Then place them in a freezable container, and place into the freezer. Take out only as much as you need each time you want to eat some, leaving the rest frozen. Allow the frozen fudge to come to room temperature, unwrap and eat!

One final note, we suggest that you only cut off enough fudge to eat at one time, rather than cut it into small pieces. This keeps the fudge soft and moist longer. Small pieces will dry out much faster than a large piece.

During warmer summer months (typically May through September), or when shipping fudge to warm/hot weather states, we may request OR require that your fudge be shipped via a ONE or TWO day shipping method. We may also require that an additional cooling agent be included in the fudge package, to keep the fudge from melting during shipment. There may be additional charges for this packaging.

We hope you enjoy your fudge!