About Us

VTstuff.com was conceived in 2003, when we noticed that there are SO many people around North Bennington who make beautiful hand-made gifts.

Every time we turn around, we run into someone who makes wooden decorations, clothing items, jewelry, food, candles and many other unique and special gift items.

There seemed to be few places that you could go, if you weren't from the immediate area, to purchase many of these unique gift and food items. VTstuff.com was born!

My wife, Julie, my two boys, Timothy and Logan, and I (Ray) all decided that this would be an excellent business to operate, where there is possibility to offer many unique items.

We all hope you enjoy our site, and the many wonderful, unique products we are offering.

Ray, Julie, Timothy and Logan
(802) 445-5159 (New number Nov. 2016)